Dear Kindergarten Parents,

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! We had a great time on our trip to Underwood Farms last Monday.  We will take a little quiz on what we learned at the farm. We also celebrated Genesis’ birthday Monday (and Tuesday too.)!

This is a four-day week with a full day on Friday.  Friday we will have In and Out burgers for lunch. If your child has opted out of this fundraiser, please prepare a lunch for them on Friday.

Religion:  We will continue with Chapter 23 and learn why the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. A review of our SLE’s, especially C.1 “Take care of God’s World” and C.3 “Follow the Golden Rule”.

Language Arts: phonics: sounds for letters Ww and Yy; ending sounds with CVC words;  decoding short /e/ family words; sight words (play and she) from our reading series; vocabulary: action words, rhyming words, and ordering words; comprehension skills: noting sequence of events and story structure.

It is time to start with subtraction! We have touched on subtracting objects throughout the year, I feel we should be comfortable with this chapter.  Vocabulary terms: subtract, minus sign and difference.

Natural Resources has been our focus the last few weeks, now we will go further with materials from our Earth. How they are measured, observed, and predicted will be our lab work.  Your children will be describing materials: clay, cloth, paper and the physical properties such as size, color, texture, and weight.

Lastly, we are just about finished with our Patriotic Symbols-a Social Studies standard that your students have really enjoyed. It has been lots of fun work preparing a book, which will be coming home soon.

Enjoy the week – June is only days away!

Mrs. Carol Brown