Dear Kindergarten Families,

I want to thank all parents who came to help in class for Primary Centers and to those who spend countless hours preparing our craft at home. Everything runs smoothly when we all work together!

Free dress on Wednesday for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Please contribute  1 dollar or more.

The long awaited Jogathon is Friday! Most Kindergarten children do not have P.E clothes – so have them dress in shorts and a tee shirt that matches our school colors the best you can. If  you purchased a spirit sign please send it in to be laminated. Reminder: all pre-order forms must be delivered to the office by Thursday at 8:00. Jogathon envelopes can be turned in on Friday.

A look at our week:

Religion – we will review new life, celebrating new life and Jesus, our Light and how we connect His message in our lives and others.

ELA- letter sounds and letter blends, short and long vowels, sentences structure and punctuation and working on our best letter formation. Reading Workshop – finding patterns how it helps us read and noticing when the pattern breaks. Writing Workshop – make our world a better place. We are coming up with some excellent ideas.

Math-our main focus it the concept of 10’s and 1’s and place value using concrete materials. Introducing quarters and reviewing names and values of other coins and addition and subtraction number stories.

Science- states of water- liquid, solid, and evaporation.

Social studies- knowing where we are on the world map; our continent, country, state and town.

Reminder- library books are due tomorrow – only a couple more weeks of checking out books to take home and read.

Jogathon is going to be a blast! Hope to see you all there Friday morning- kindergarten starts warm ups after Mass.


Mrs. Brown