Dear Third Grade Families,

It was a pleasure to see this year’s fantastic solar system projects. Bravo! Every year they seem to get better and better.

Tuesday morning Mrs. Hoffman will sharing the Harvest of the Month with third grade! We will be sampling different types of beans.

This week marks the closing of Trimester 2. Report Cards are scheduled to go home on Tuesday, March 26th.

Math: This week we will continue our work on fractions starting with equivalent fractions. We will begin by using models to compare them. We will take a short fractions quiz on Wednesday just to see if students are ready to move on to more complex material, or if we need to spend a little more time here. We will finish up the week with fractional parts of a group (finding ½ of 10 or 5/6 of 12).

Language Arts:

Spelling— Unit 23: contractions, continued. This is week 2 of a two-week unit. Therefore, there will be a spelling test this Friday.

Vocabulary – Beach Rules! (Given our weather of late, this seems like a timely unit.)

Writing— This week we continue to revise by adding descriptive details to our essays.

Grammar— Adverbs continue. We will review the fact that adverbs can tell where and when as well as how. If you have time, review verbs vs. nouns at home as many students get mixed up when asked to identify each in a sentence. As a reminder, verbs are action words whereas nouns are people/places/things.

Reading— We will finish reading The Story of Ruby Bridges in class on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, we move on to another non-fiction read: The Moon by Gail Gibbons. Make sure your child has his/her copy.

Religion: In class, we will begin Chapter 22 “Jesus Blesses Contrite Hearts” in keeping with our visit to confession last week. Wednesday we will return to the church for Stations of the Cross at 2:00. As always, parents and families are invited.

Science: We continue with the solar system beginning Chapter 5, “Cycles and Patterns in Space.”

Social Studies: This week we will finish our study of the branches of our government and begin to look at the role of rules and laws in our daily life. We will determine the reason for rules and laws as well as the role of citizenship to promote these. Finally, we will begin to examine the consequences for those who violate our community’s rules.

Reading Log

Spelling & Vocabulary

All the Best,

Mrs. Espinosa