Dear Kindergarten Parents,

What an eventful week we had!

The science lab and lesson through the Discovery Center  was excellent.  Your children found out how meal worms react to light, odor (peppermint), rough surface, and water.  Click link (Family Letter) below to read all about their program. A hard copy will come home in the gold envelope today.


A big thank you is in order for Officer Perez! It is great to have parents come share their vocation, to complete our understanding of community helpers.  I’m sure your students told you about safety and sitting on a real police motorcycle!

As we begin our week, we will be working on a project for Veterans Day. We will discuss our SLEs, C. 4 “Never Give Up” and C. 5 “Are Good Leaders” as we honor men and women in the military.

Religion: Chapter 6 teaches us many ways to reach God through prayer.  As we learn new prayers, our focus in class is how we show our love to others by prayer and actions. The Year of Faith book is work in progress – each week we are adding sentences with illustrations reflecting our faith.

Language Arts: our focus letter this week will continue with Rr.  All alphabet letters and sounds are being practiced each day. We focus on beginning sounds, vowels and ending sounds;  segmenting and blending consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words for basic reading skills.  This week our reading strategy is to stop, ask questions and predict what might happen next. As you read, reflect on beginning, middle and end of story.  Keep working on sight words with the cards and during your reading time.

Math lessons continue with number sense and mathematical reasoning. We count, recognize, represent and name examples of numbers 0-5. We will use ordinal numbers from first to fifth to show positions. Keep practicing number words and match to represent number symbols.

This week dismissal on Friday is 2:45.   There is a school family activity in the    afternoon.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Carol Brown