Dear Families,

Donuts will be distributed on Thursday.  Today was the last day to order for donuts.  This Friday is a noon dismissal and the end of the first trimester.  Please remember to bring in a box of cereal before Teddy Bear Day. Below is an overview of our week.

Religion:  Chapter 9, We Praise and Thank God.

Math: We will review multiplication and division facts and apply basic facts to division with 1 digit divisors.   Our IXL sections this week are D.1, Division facts to 12 and D.2, Division facts to 12: word problems.

Social Studies:  We will take our test on Tuesday.  We will then begin chapter 5.  We will discuss why the Spanish government decided to expand its lands in North America.

Science:   We will be preparing for our test that will be on Thursday.

Vocabulary:  Unit 5

Grammar:  Unit 2

ELA:  The strategy we are practicing this week is knowing how to use prior knowledge and context to predict and confirm meaning.

If you have any questions please let me know.  Thank you.

Ms. Carney