Dear Families,

This is a short week for us.  There is no school on Friday.  I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.  Thursday is our Flag Retirement Ceremony. Thursday is also Patriotic Dress for $1 donation.  Below is an overview of our week:

Math:  We will explore angles formed by intersecting lines.

Social Studies:  We are having our Chapter 3 test next Wednesday.

Science:  We are focusing on how the excretory system removes wastes.

Vocabulary:  We are taking our Unit 4 test on Tuesday.  We will begin  Unit 5 this week.

Grammar:  We are taking our Unit 1 test on Thursday.

ELA:  We are finishing our Narrative Writing papers this week.

Religion:  We will be attending Mass this week on Thursday at 8:30. Please join us if your schedule allows.

Please let know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Ms. Carney