Dear Kindergarten Families,

We had a lot of help and fun Friday during Primary Centers. Thank you parents/grandparents who came and assisted our class. The students sure enjoy your help and presence!  On to a new week and cooler weather.

Upcoming events and school news:

Non-uniform dress on Wednesday – please send in $1.00 or more for Adopt-a-Family, our first trimester mission.  Thursday is picture re-take — send back your child’s picture package if you are planning to do this.                                  Friday is a full day of school.

Friday, October 30Halloween tattoos to raise $$$ for Adopt-a-family. We will start collecting tattoo money this week and next. Cost $1.00 each. Your child can buy as many as you wish…only two tattoos will be applied to your child’s hands at school. The rest will be sent home to wear later. Also on that Friday your child may wear Halloween colored shirts, socks, hair ribbons, etc.. – no costumes or hair dye please!

Our academic week:

*Religion lessons continue with listening and talking to God. Reading from the Old Testament in the Children’s Bible.

*ELA- listening to stories – using the reading strategy to predict and infer; comprehension focus is sequence of events. Letter /r/ is our letter for the week. Letter /r/ is sometimes pronounced wrong, as ‘er’ or ‘raaa’.  Use the alpha friend Reggie Rooster to help say the beginning sound of ‘r’. Print practice for ‘r’ and review of beginning letter sounds /s/, /m/.

*EM-continuing on with Teen Numbers, 2.12 using the concept that teen numbers represent “10 and some more”. We will also spent time  estimating quantities 2.13. Continue counting money at home – start a coin jar and have your child count pennies, nickels, and dimes.

*Science- life science – Tuesday we observing worms and then we will make a “Wormery”. Layers of soil, sand and leaves in a container – and a handful of worms. We will observe their movement and take notes as they (hopefully) build tunnels.

*Social studies- people today and long ago- we have a special treat – a Native American gentleman will present culture with songs and stories this week.

That should take us through the week. If you have any questions or concerns- feel free to send me an email.


Mrs. Carol Brown