Dear Families,

Due to the heat this week students may wear P.E. clothes again on Tuesday.  Please remember to pack extra water for your child.  This Friday is Dodger free dress.  Next Tuesday is Halloween and free dress.  Students may purchase tattoos for $1.00.  Below is an overview of our week.

Math:  We are taking the unit 2 test on Tuesday.  We will then begin unit 3.

Vocabulary: Unit 4

Grammar: We are correcting fragments and run on sentences this week.

Social Studies:  We  are focusing on the exploration of the Vikings.

Science:  We are learning about the Digestive System this week.

Religion:  This week we will be having a Living Rosary on Wednesday at 2pm in the church.  Please join us if your schedule allows.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Ms. Carney