Dear Kindergarten Families,

Happy that cooler days are ahead and rain in the forecast!

October we have been spending time learning prayers for saying the Rosary; Hail Mary,  Glory Be and the Lord’s Prayer. Your children will be attending the Living Rosary on Wednesday at 2:00 – parents are welcome to attend- eighth grade students do an excellent job with their part praying the rosary.  Each K student has a rosary in class, although you may send in one of their own if you wish for Wednesday. Class rosaries will come home after the Living Rosary.

Friday is Primary Centers – thank you parents for signing up to come help. Behind the scenes parents are helping to prepare for this event as well -many thanks for helping us get set up!

b.daybookTwo friends have October birthdays! Eddie last week and Sofia next Monday!!

Let’s look at our academics for this week:

Continuing with learning about Saints – and praying the Rosary.

ELA- Exciting for us we have finished the first book in our Reading Workshop – starting now is Super Powers – focus is reading with print strategies and sight word power. Encourage your child to point to each word as you read together. We work on our sounds and letter identification, lots of print practice, learning to spell the first 5 sight words, Writing Workshop has us working on narrative writing. We are adding sight words if we can, speech bubbles or letters to represent words.

Everyday Math- a lot of oral counting, but we don’t always start at one or zero. It is important to have good number sense, knowing numbers on the number grid to 30 at this point – but eventually to 110. We are counting by 5s and 10s; working to count concrete items by one and record with tally marks; this week some work and games with double digits 10-19 as we work on teen numbers; and working hard on place value – this is a hard concept (just tens and ones at this point). A review of patterns by color, size and shape.

Science continues with plants: needs, parts, how do they change and grow, and how are they same and different. Our backyard garden is growing nicely with sugar snap peas, carrots, radishes, and we are waiting on cilantro and green onion. Sound good? We think so 🙂

Social Studies – rules in school rules to make our world safe. A review on community helpers as they help us stay safe


Remember the Saints Parade is next Friday, November 4 at 8:30.  Kindergartners will need to know their Saint’s name as we will present ourselves in church. Parents have your child come to school in costume and have them wear uniform underneath. Pictures of your little saint will be taken in class before Mass. After Mass (about 10:00) we parade around the campus. Please have your child stay until dismissal which is at 12:00. We will have an academic lesson after the parade.

God Bless your families,

Mrs. Brown