Dear Kindergarten Families,

Many parents have asked for some work to do with their children as we await our return to school.  Please know this is not required and nothing needs to be returned to school. It is an choice! I am giving lots of choices – pick and choose!

A few ideas: Play card games (Uno, Memory, Crazy 8’s), count change, measure objects and/or distance, count steps, measure and mix holiday treats.

Mystery Pictures are fun and can be a challenge. In class mystery picture math is taught by the columns and rows on the 100 grid. Example:  Look on top for ‘column’ that ends with ‘2’ slide down four rows of tens to number 42. The ‘row’ of the 30’s finger on number ’31’ and slide over 5 spaces to 36 …. and so on.

mystery picture #5     directions #5

mystery picture #8     directions #8

IXL Math we have covered most of sections A, B, and C – you may review any skill in these sections.

Skip counting section F and Patterns in section H area also good to review.

E. 4 counting on a 100 Chart  will help with Mystery Pictures.

IXL Language Arts

Section B is good to review – I have not assigned ABC order last skill in section B- but a good skill to work on.

B.9 putting letters in ABC order

Rhyming Section E and Blending and Segmenting section F are perfect to work on for our early reading skills.

Keep up that reading habit!

See everyone soon,

Mrs. Brown