Extended Day Care is available before and after every day school is in session except the last day of school in June.

Morning Care opens at 7a daily and arrangements can be made for an earlier start. If you arrive prior to the start of supervision at 7:30a, please escort your student to Morning Care.

Afternoon Care begins every school day at dismissal. Students who plan to attend may walk directly to join the EDC staff. At 3p, any student who has not been picked up is escorted to EDC.

Students enjoy a play period outdoors, a snack, and time to play indoors when at EDC. If parents and teachers agree, homework may be completed during Afternoon Care.

All students enrolled at Sacred Heart School may attend Extended Day Care; all are signed in and out as they arrive and depart.

  • One student $5 per hour
  • Two students $7 per hour
  • Three students $9 per hour

Billing statements are prepared at the end of each month, and payment is due by the 20th of the following month. Payments must be current in order to continue attendance at EDC.