In our constant effort to maintain safety, we continue to feel concern about arrival & departure from school. Entering, moving through, and exiting the parking lot more slowly makes a safer environment occur immediately and I ask that we all make a concerted effort to do so.
Additionally, another change is required to decrease our risk for accident. Effective this week, at the start of the school day and at dismissal there will be No Parking in the first section of spaces facing school. Sacred Heart School staff will park in the second and/or third sections and school families may park only in the spaces facing church. All will walk behind church and cross into school at the rectory corner away from the moving vehicles. It remains convenient to park and walk from the lots surrounding the rectory; I hope the majority of school families will select that option. With limited spaces facing church and the need to get into the flow of traffic from those spaces, those who like to walk with their student(s) will find the rectory lots more efficient. I remind everyone that no student may be dropped off or picked up in the rectory lots; they must be escorted to and from by the driver.
Finally, I ask those in the car line to move all the way forward before stopping to allow student(s) to enter or exit the car, and to use the doors on the passenger side of the car only for their movement.
Thank you!