The primary & intermediate faculty members use progress reports that deliver information about student progress at the kindergarten to 5th grade levels through the three trimesters of each school year. Emphasis is placed on communicating movement through the standards for each grade level using a 1-4 coding system.

Report Cards for Middle School

The MS Report Card, with percentage grading in the academic subjects, is effective in communicating student progress for Middle School students and prepares students and family members for high school grading. To assist in interpreting grades, the standards covered in the academic subjects are sent to each family via email. All teachers keep records of the Archdiocesan, California and/or Common Core State Standards used in their instruction.   As homework and completed work packets display ongoing progress, the listed standards will help families understand each trimester’s percentage grades.

Within the week of the progress/report card delivery, family members will meet with the teacher to discuss this first reporting period.