Encouragement to Complete Service Hours & Purchase Scrip

Progress reports are delivered to all students this week signaling the midpoint of the first trimester that ends on Friday, November 20.  Please remember progress with service hours and scrip, both important components of tuition, should be at or above 1/3 complete by that date with at least 6 hours of service (18 total for the year) and about $125 of scrip “profit” ($375 total for the year) in place.  Many families are far ahead of these minimums and throughout the year exceed both.  We are grateful for the time and money given through service hours that advance our school program, and we share that same gratitude for exceeding scrip requirements with our year-end rebate program.

The holidays and coming school events offer many opportunities to complete service hours and purchase scrip.  If you need assistance with either, please contact ptcservicehours@sacredheartschoolventura.org or scrip@sacredheartschoolventura.org.  Scrip and Service Hours Reports will be available to review for status and accuracy when we return to school following the Christmas Break.   Payment of high scrip balances will be required at that time.  Some families include all or a portion of tuition through service hours and/or scrip to the monthly FACTS payment. This is helpful to the school’s financial vitality and avoids the need to pay a larger balance that may become challenging.  To add all or a portion of scrip and/or service hours to your FACTS monthly payment, please contact office@sacredheartschoolventura.org.