Every year, our 8th grade students begin their graduation week by hosting our Family Field Day.

Following a final Monday morning in class, the 8th grade students prepare our field for the many fun stations each family will visit during the afternoon.  From games, to the parachute, and to musical chairs, each family spends time at each station.  After many rotations, students then sit together under the patio cover to enjoy the last popsicle treat for this school year.

This is a poignant time for all.  Our graduates have been a part of their school family all the years they attended Sacred Heart School; the younger students enjoyed their leadership and will miss them.

Every 8th grade class selects a theme for Family Field Day and this year it is SPORTS TEAMS.  Below is a list of our family numbers and the team selected by each.  All students may wear free dress selections for Field Day and are encouraged to try to wear the colors of their family’s team.

#1 LA Dodgers                Blue, White

#2 Green Bay Packers       Green, Yellow

#3 Golden State Warriors Blue, Yellow, White

#4 Dallas Cowboys           Navy Blue, White

#5 New England Patriots     Navy Blue, Red

#6 LA Kings                      Black, White, Purple

#7 Toronto Raptors             Red, Black

#8 Toronto Blue Jays         Blue, Red

#9 LA Galaxy                    Navy Blue, Yellow

#10 New Orleans Saints     Black, Gold

#11 Boston Celtics             Green, White

#12 LA Lakers                   Yellow, Purple

#13 Oakland Raiders           Black, Silver, Gray

#14 Cleveland Cavaliers       Red, Gold, White

#15 Anaheim Ducks           Orange, Gold, Black

#16 Boston Red Sox           Navy Blue, Red, White

#17 SF 49ers                       Red, Gold