In a constant effort to maintain safety, we remind all to enter, move through, and exit the parking lot slowly.

Those selecting the car line, add to safety & efficiency by moving as far forward as possible before stopping to allow students(s) to exit or enter the car.  Arriving students have three corridors to the patio and their classrooms.  When families stop by Mrs. Manning’s door, or only move to the center walkway when there is remaining space by Mrs. Dwyer’s door, the cars behind have students and family members who are anxious to move forward.  More students can be in the classroom on time as the 7:50a bell rings if everyone continues to pull forward.

All departing vehicles may pull out of the line when ready in the morning and afternoon.

Please remember not to park in the first section of spaces facing school at the start or end of the school day to allow for plenty of room for the movement of the car line.

When not using the car line, please park and walk from the lots surrounding the rectory, the 2nd and/or 3rd sections of the parking lot where the SHS staff parks, or the row facing church (except those marked for parish employees). Remember, no student may be dropped off or picked up in any of these parking areas, but must be escorted to and from by the driver or another adult. With limited spaces facing church and alongside the SHS staff, and the need to get into the flow of traffic from these spaces, those who like to walk with their student(s) will find the rectory lots more efficient.

Thank you!