Some families have already generated more than $375 in scrip “profit”, but if your “profit” amount is below $125, please use scrip during this heavy purchasing period and continue its use into 2016. We encourage scrip and service hour “double dipping” by using scrip donations for the Schoolwide Party Fund and other school events.

Early in 2016, statements requiring cash payments will be sent to families who are not on pace with the completion of this portion of tuition. Some families include all or a portion of their $180 (18 hours) service hours and/or $375 scrip “profit” obligation to their monthly FACTS tuition payment. If you would like to add scrip or service hours to your FACTS tuition amount now, please contact the school office.

Recordkeeping for The First Trimester Service Hours Report is underway and will be in the January Family Envelope. If you would like to see your service hours’ standing prior to year-end, please contact