Service Hours/Scrip Records were sent in the Family Envelope or via the USPS last week. If your family exceeded the $350 scrip “profit” amount, there are several options available for your rebate amount. Please return your completed form indicating your rebate preference by Friday. If your family did not meet the required scrip amount of tuition, the payment is now due.

If your family exceeded or met the 18 hours of service to Sacred Heart School, this tuition amount is complete. If not met, the difference must be paid with each hour valued at $10 each.

Several year-end activities provide opportunities to complete scrip & service hours for 2013-2014 even though the May 22 deadline passed. Scrip contributions purchased for these events earn 4% for every $10 purchase and each $10 amount may be counted as one service hour. Additionally, many opportunities for volunteer time spent at the year-end events allow for completion of service hours without a monetary impact. Please contact or for assistance with finding service hour opportunities and/or for help with completing the scrip obligation for this year.

We continue to encourage families with year-end balances to add all or a portion of the scrip and/or service hour tuition amount for 2014-2015 to the monthly FACTS payment. Next year’s scrip amount increases to $375 and the service hours amount remains the same, 18 hours of service valued at $10 per hour.