Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week we will have a free dress which means your child can choose to wear their favorite clothes. This is to support the devastation in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. Please send in $1.00 if your child wants to participate in this event. I am encouraging all families to help support this mission with additional dollars, it is definitely needed. Please check handbook for non-uniform dress code.

This Friday is a full day of school.

Looking ahead to next week we have a noon dismissal on Wednesday.  EDC will be available at 12:00.


Religion will reflect on our Blessed Mother Mary, we will add Hail Mary to our daily prayers. Reading from Children’s Bible finds us in the Old Testament learning about Jonah. Please note: Parents or family members are always welcome to  join us for Mass each Friday, at 8:30.

ELA – this week we will start Words their Way word picture sorts. Last week there was not enough time to begin. This is the most basic of sorts and is easy to introduce; fruit and not fruit. If you were were able to open the video I send after Grandparent’s Day- you can see why I love the reading program. Getting books into their hands and sharing with a partner is very exciting to young children. Our first way we learn to read is by reading pictures. We will work on letter/sound association with the alphabet and build sight word sentences. Writing Workshop this week, a lesson on opinion writing and a baseline writing from the class.

Math – plane shapes and their attributes we have poems and songs to help remember each shape. Counting from numbers other than one. Counting by 10s and starting to understand odd and even numbers.

Science –  Tuesday we will start using the science lab. We are going to examine soil and plant seeds.

Social studies -focus on people and locations.

If you have any questions – always drop me a note.

Blessings to your families,

Mrs. Carol Brown