If you have any General Mills Box Tops for Education at home, now is the time to gather them up and deliver them to the school office.  Every Box Top is worth a dime for Sacred Heart School, and when all of us collect them from the General Mills products we purchase, it makes a big monetary difference to our school without spending any more money than we already are!  The school receives a check for hundreds of dollars several times during the school year as we collect, count, and submit the box tops to General Mills for their donation.  Friday the next collection period will close, and we would like to send as many box tops as we can.  Please continue to collect and send box tops to the school office throughout the school year too.

As students bring 15 box tops to the office, their names are added to a drawing held at various times throughout the school year.  As in all drawings, the more times your name is entered, the greater your chance to win.  Our last drawing was at Christmastime and another is coming soon!

Thank you!