Dear Families,

Grandparents Day was a huge success.  It was so great to see everyone here.  This Wednesday is free dress for a $1.00 donation.  The donations will go towards Adopt-a-Family.  Next Tuesday we will be going on our first field trip. Please make sure to return the monies and permission slip if  you have not yet done so.  We will be leaving campus at 7:30.

Picture Day is coming on Wednesday, September 23rd!

Below is an overview of our week.

Math:  We will have our Unit 1 test next Monday. Our focus this week will be prime factorization and preparing for our test.  Our IXL sections this week are C.3, multiplication patterns over increasing place value and C.4, Multiply numbers ending in zeros.

Religion: Chapter 3, Baptism Unites Us with the Christian Community.

Science:  We will have our chapter 1 test on Monday.  We will then learn how plants use energy from the Sun to make food.

Vocabulary:  Unit 2

Grammar:  We will focus on words often misspelled and words that are often confused.  We will have our first grammar test next Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will be taking our chapter 2 test on Wednesday.

ELA:  We continue with our novels.  The focus of this unit is figurative language.

If you have any questions pleas let me know.

Ms. Carney