Dear Families,

This Wednesday is a noon dismissal.  Extended day care will be available for students who need to stay on campus after the noon dismissal. Below is an overview of our week.

Religion:  We are discussing the different signs of our faith.

Math:  We are continuing to learn about factor strings and prime factorization.  We will be taking our Unit 1 math test next Monday.  We will be spending time preparing this week for our first test.

Grammar:  We are taking our Unit 6 test on Tuesday.

Vocabulary:  Unit 2

Social Studies:  We are having our Unit 1 test on Thursday.  We will be reviewing this week in class for the test.

Science:  Our focus will be on how plants produce food.

ELA:  This week we are moving through the writing process.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Ms. Carney