Dear Kindergarten Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful fall-like weekend. Get ready for the return of extra warm weather! With that said – please help our mission project ‘Adopt a Family’ by allowing your child to purchase a bottle of water on Tuesday and Thursday. Cost $1.00

Our academic week includes:

Religion focus: Quiet is Good. Your child will learn that good and beautiful things can happen during quiet times. They will learn God is always present within to guide us.  We will continue with our SLE’s as we model A.4 – Make good choices like Jesus.

This week we begin Theme 2 ‘Colors All Around’ in our English Language Arts reading series. We have spent the past month with welcomes and identifying the alphabet. Now more concentration on a letter focus each week, we start with Ss. Reading strategies will be to predict/ infer and summarize. Comprehension skills include sequence of events and making predictions.  Vocabulary work on singular and plural words words and writing with description.

Everyday Math begins Section 2 activity 1-4. We start with a couple lessons on geometry -a plane shape collage, sensory with shapes, and finish the week with spatial vocabulary and concepts. You can follow along noting the vocabulary in section 2 and activities click here: EM login.

Science has us learning about animals and their body parts. We will have a lab on Tuesday. You may have heard some Lily and Larry talk- these are the names of the Monarchs that fly over and around our kinder yard. The milkweed is in full bloom – flowers Monarchs prefer to eat and lay their eggs so larva has a food supply to continue the cycle. We forgot to release the earthworms- but they are doing what they do- it is easy to see their tunnels in the soil.

Social studies continues with good citizenship and people in our community.

We have an early dismissal on Friday.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Carol Brown