Dear Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.   This Wednesday is Picture Day.   Friday is Grandparents Day!  Please meet your student as the church at 8:30.  Fridays is  a noon dismissal.  Please make sure your child brings plenty of water to school each day. We have containers to hold water bottles outside of class.  Please feel free to bring more than one bottle of water if needed.

Below is an overview of our week:

Math:  I will introduce the classification of whole numbers greater than 1 as either prime or composite numbers.

Vocabulary:  We will be taking out Unit 1 test on Thursday.

Grammar:  Our focus this week will be on direct and indirect quotations.

Social Studies: We will continue our focus on early Native American.

Science:  Students will know cells join together to perform basic life functions in multicellular organisms.

Religion:  We will learn the four Marks of the Church.