During the three school weeks of Advent leading to the celebration of Christmas, several special events are on our calendar.

We will enjoy two free dress days, one to make our final effort to raise money for Adopt-a-Family in LA & the other without cost to celebrate the holidays.  The first trimester mission focus will end on Teddy Bear Day when we send hundreds of stuffed animals, lots of collected candy, and a check in the amount of funds we have been able to raise.

During Advent, the students and staff will meet weekly in Biedermann Hall as 8th grade students lead us in prayer as we anticipate Christmas.

Students in grades K-2 will be practicing for the annual Christmas Program led by Mrs. Elaine Lyle.  Mrs. Lyle has been working in the classroom with the students and will include Hall stage practice time too.  All students and staff enjoy her company now and in the spring when she prepares the intermediate grade students for their performance.  A rehearsal performance will take place in the afternoon on December 14 if you are unable to attend the evening presentation.

Every class will enjoy a Christmas party on Friday morning, December 16.  Food, of course, is a major component of these holiday celebrations.  We continue to encourage students to make wise choices in what they eat and to follow the arrangements their families make for what they are to eat.  Please remind your child(ren) to be aware of any limitations that should be honored that morning.