Please encourage your student(s) to eat the foods you select for snacks and lunches and to bring home anything uneaten. Our trash containers hold many uneaten sandwiches & other entrees, yogurt & fruit containers, and more.  Please continue to discourage trading and sharing food and remind your student(s) that what is normal and healthy for some, may be a danger to others with food allergies.  Many students, especially those in the lower grades, find the “extra” added to their hot lunch choice to be more than can be eaten, and I encourage conversation about this before the November order form is completed.  These warm days leave many students with little to drink by lunchtime as drinks are consumed during the snack time at recess.  Packing more water in the lunch containers would be an advantage for all! For students who stay for Extended Day Care, we continue to follow a schedule of specific snacks for each day.  Finally, we are in the process of eliminating juice from hot lunch and EDC and moving to water.  Several more hot lunch menus will include juice, but when our inventory is depleted, only water will be served.