This Friday is a free dress Dodger Blue Day! Next Tuesday is Halloween! It will be a FREE free dress. As a fundraiser for Adopt-a-Family, we are selling tattoos for $1 each; there is no limit, but only 2 can be applied next Tuesday, and the rest will be sent home. Students may bring in their money any time before (and including) next Tuesday.

Proforma is now only accepting orders online. They will be on campus several times during the year; the first visit will be on November 3rd, from 12-3 p.m.

As the hot weather continues, the eighth graders continue selling bottled water on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

HOMEWORK (due Monday): This week students should complete ixL Math skills D 2 and D 3, as well as Language skill B 12. Students will be doing Fluency week 10. Please initial the sheet each time they read. They are to do 20-30 minutes of reading each night (please initial all reading done at home).


Religion: We continue with chapter 6, discussing the need for forgiveness and the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Math: We begin Unit 3, with a focus on multiplication and division.

Reading Workshop: As we continue reading realistic fiction, we are learning how to “read” characters, particularly their complexities. Please initial the reading log for all reading that is done at home. Click here for a copy of the reading log.

Writing Workshop: We continue drafting scenes for our stories.

Spelling: We are working on Unit 9; the test will be on Friday.

Vocabulary: We continue work on Unit 5; the test will be on Friday.

Grammar: We are wrapping up work on Unit 2, Nouns. The test will be on Thursday. The sadlier website is a great tool for reviewing the grammar we have been learning (lots of games!), as well as the ixl site, language section, part B.

Social Studies: Students have been divided into four groups; each group is researching about and preparing a presentation on early Native American groups in their assigned California region.

Science: We continue chapter 2, discussing interactions between living things.

Thanking you for your support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer