Third Grade Families,

Happy Tuesday!

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will hold our classroom poetry contest. The top 5 students will move onto the finals and present in front of judges. One prop or costume item is allowed. Please make sure the poems are practiced and recited with enthusiasm!

This Thursday, April 13th is a half-day! No school on Friday, April 14th. Then, we are off to Easter break! School will resume on Monday, April 24th.

Wednesday, May 10th at 6:30PM intermediate grades will have their Spring program.

Also, NO homework this week!


A look into our week…

Math: Our class will continue with Unit 8, fractions. We are finishing up the unit with fraction number stories. Our test will be this Thursday.

Reading: We are continuing to work in our research clubs, taking a look at how readers notice text structures in order to organize their learning.

Word Work: Due to the short week, we did not receive new spelling words. We will be completing word work activities with our old words as a fun review. Our spelling test is scheduled for this Tuesday.

Writer’s Workshop: Our class did a great job of presenting their opinion speeches to Mrs. Benner! During the week we will continue with persuasive writing, learning how to gather brave and bold opinions for writing.

Grammar: We continue our unit on adjectives with Lesson 30: Comparing with the words more and most.

Science: During our Science time this week, we will learn more about our Solar System, emphasizing on our inner and outer planets.

Social Studies: We continue learning about our U.S. Government. We will be completing a fun activity on the three branches taking a look at what each branch does for our government.

Religion:  This week, we are talking all about the importance of Easter. Wednesday afternoon we end our day with Living Stations of the Cross in the Church. This is a great one. If your schedule allows, come join us!


Thank you for your continued support.

Have a blessed Easter!!
Miss Poindexter