As we complete these last two weeks of the second trimester, a quick look at your child(ren)’s uniform is appreciated.   As students continue to grow, please notice the length of the skirt/skort and pants.  Most may have very wide hems that can be taken down to complete the school year comfortably.  Dennis Uniform is offering free shipping during March if pants or skirts/skorts have been completely outgrown.  When you are ordering from Dennis or Proforma, please remember to purchase scrip!

Some students have sweatshirts, vests, and jackets without a name embroidered or written in permanent ink on the interior.  Daily, as the weather and games heat up, the outerwear is taken off and left outside, and with a name in place, the outerwear can be returned to its owner.  The embroidered label survives multiple washing, but the permanent marker often does not fare as well.  Please write the family name on items you choose not to embroider or check to see how the permanent marker is enduring on your child(ren)’s belongings.

Finally shoes, laces, & socks!  Many schools allow a single color for shoes/laces/socks in their uniform code, but Sacred Heart School’s include several:  black, brown, white, red, navy, and gray with any combination of those colors allowed.  Please save the other colors for free dress days!