The start of the new trimester suggests another look at the uniform guidelines.  Sweatshirts, sweaters, & jackets, available from Proforma, need to have the student’s name on each.  Proforma embroiders the name on each, but if you choose otherwise, the name must be visible on the tag to allow the return of lost items.  Sweatshirts need adequate length to avoid the shirt showing below the sweatshirt hemline.  Skirt/Skort length may need attention.

A solid color white***An Addition/Change***red, navy blue, or black simple undershirt/camisole may be worn with the daily or PE uniform in colors conforming to the uniform shirt color.  The undershirt may show at the collar, but not at the sleeve or hem. The camisole may not be visible at the collar or hemline.  Long sleeved uniform shirts are available for cooler weather days.

Socks must be visible and plain white, navy blue, red, or black. Shoes & laces are to be predominantly inside the color guidelines of black, navy blue, white, red, gray, or brown.  Tights, not leggings, are to be in white, red, navy, or black.  Jewelry & watches worn at school should be simple and follow the guidelines for grades K-4 and 5-8, as should hair length, style, and adornments.  Thank you for your time in being sure the uniform guidelines are followed!