All family members who were at Back to School Night last month will remember my request that all students come to school with lots of water, especially during the warm days of early fall.

I mentioned too that we were down to one water fountain on the school property as others needed to be removed as they failed to work following over 30 years of use.  That last one failed yesterday.

Please, especially during these warm fall days, pack plenty of water for your student(s).  Students who purchase lunch do receive a container of water, students who stay for EDC do receive water as part of the daily snack, athletes who play in home and away games receive a sports bottle of water, but all students are best served during the school day, as are athletes who stay for after school practice, with water that is provided by their family.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, the MS Leadership Team offers water bottles for sale for $1.  These dollars are being collected for donation to The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Adopt-a-Family Program.

Thank you!