Progress Reports and work packet folders will be coming home on Tuesday. We will have a free dress this Wednesday (cost is $1). This Friday is Parents’ Day, which marks the beginning of our celebration of Catholic Schools Week. I look forward to seeing everyone then; you may begin your day with us by attending Mass, followed by a reception in the hall. Classroom visits will begin after recess.


Religion: We continue discussing the first three commandments.

Math: We have started Unit 5, focusing mainly on multiplication. I would like students to complete ixL Math skills T 18, 19 and 20, which will be due next Monday.

Reading Workshop: We continue reading expository nonfiction selections, which includes science, history, etc. Students are to complete a reading log and have it signed for all reading done at home (20-30 minutes per day). Click here for the reading log, which will be due next Monday. reading log

Writer’s Workshop: We continue our unit on Opinion/Essay writing by selecting a topic or two that we would like to write an essay about. They are bringing home their writing notebooks and a homework sheet today, with an assignment due on Wednesday. Click here for a copy of the homework sheet. homework 5 writing

Reading Fluency: It is fluency #20 this week; it will be due next Monday.

Spelling: This week we conclude our study Unit 17 words. The test will be on Wednesday. As an assignment, students are to write all 20 words; 10 of them should be used in sentences. This will be due on Wednesday.

Vocabulary: We conclude our study of Unit 10 words; the test will be this Thursday.

Science: We have finished chapter 3 and will have a test on this chapter on Thursday. Click here for the study sheet for the test. chapter 3 STUDY SHEET

Social Studies: Our test on explorers and missions will be on Wednesday. Students have the magazines and several worksheets to study from.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer