I look forward to seeing everyone for conferences this week, and for this reason we will have early dismissal at 11:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please sign and return the progress report envelope if you have not done so already. There will be no P.E. on Thursday, and on Friday we will have our class party celebrating the Epiphany. There is no school next Monday, Martin Luther King Day!


HOMEWORK (due next Monday): Students will be working on the following ixL skills: Math T 8 and T 15; Language D 3. We are doing fluency #17, and students should be reading non-fiction selections for 20-30 minutes per night.


Religion: We move on this week in our study of the 10 Commandments.

Math: We continue work on Unit 4, which focuses upon decimals.

Reading Workshop: We continue our unit on non-fiction reading. The majority of the reading should be from books, and we will only read from non-fiction books during class time. Please initial the reading log for all reading done at home.

Writing Workshop: We continue our unit on opinion writing.

Spelling: We are finishing work on Unit 15, and we will have the test on Wednesday. We will begin work on Unit 16 on Thursday.

Vocabulary: This week we begin work on Unit 8. The test will be next Friday.

Grammar: We continue work in unit 3, with the focus on Verbs.

Science: This week we continue learning about the properties of minerals.

Social Studies: We are now learning about the mission system. We will have a test on issues 10 and 11 next week.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer