We continue practicing for the Spring Program, to be held next Wednesday, May 10th at 6:30 p.m. Jogathon is next Friday, May 12th; envelopes were sent home last week and need to be signed and returned by the 12th. This Friday is a half day.


Religion: As a follow-up to our study of the 7th and 10th commandments we will discuss the concepts of justice and fairness when it comes to using and caring for the gifts God has given us.

Math: We continue Unit 7, focusing on fractions. Students are to complete ixL skills P 4, 5 and 6 by next Monday (if you did P 4 last week and not P 3, please have all 6, P 1-6, done by next Monday).

Reading Workshop: We are now reading historical fiction books; students are in partnerships and set goals each day for how much reading and note-taking they will do. It is important that they not let their group down. Reading is our number one priority every night. Click here for a copy of the reading log (we are only using this for reading at home) new reading log.

Writer’s Workshop: We continue working on writing the second chapter of our books, which is on the narrower, more focused topic we have chosen to write about. We are also planning chapter 3, which will be a realistic fiction “small moment” story featuring someone from the historical time period.

Reading Fluency: We will be doing fluency #32 this week; it is due next Monday.

Spelling: We are working on the words in Unit 31; the test will be on Friday.

Vocabulary: We continue working on unit 16; students have “flash cards” and index cards to use as they learn these new words. The website sadlierconnect.com is a good resource for reviewing the unit words. The test will be on Thursday.

Grammar: We continue learning about adjective forms.

Social Studies: We are finishing up work on magazine #19, and will begin reading magazine #20, which discusses the Mexican-American War.  We will have a test on issues 18-20 once we have finished reading issue 20.

Science: We will have a test on chapter 6 on Thursday: focus is on earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides. Students can use spellingcity.com to review.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer