We did a fantastic job raising money for our school during the Jogathon, so we have another FREE free dress this Wednesday! May all of you have an enjoyable four-day Memorial Day weekend…summer is just around the corner!

What we are working on this week:

Religion: We will have the Unit 4 test on Wednesday. Students have the pages from the text for Unit 4 in their homework folders. The Ten Commandment booklets should be finished and handed in this week as well.

Math: We continue our work on fractions. Students should complete ixL Math skills R 8, S 1 and S 3 by next Tuesday.

Spelling: We are learning words in Unit 33; book pages are due on Thursday and the test will be on Thursday as well.

Grammar: We continue our work with adjectives.

Writing Workshop: We continue writing our opinion essays. The goal is to have these done by June 3rd.

Vocabulary: We continue our study of Unit 16; the test will be next week.

Reading: The reading log will be due next Tuesday (click here for a copy) reading log characters setting and Fluency Homework #34  will be due next Tuesday as well. Students have received copies of both the fluency homework and the reading log.

Social Studies: We continue learning about the establishment of California as the 31st state; we continue reading magazine #20 this week, learning about the three branches of government. We will have a test on issues 18-20 next week. Check out spellingcity.com; the list of vocabulary for the test is on the site.

Science: We will be learning about electrical charges and circuits in the next two weeks.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer