Our schedule is somewhat different this week; students will have P.E. on both Wednesday and Thursday. This Friday is a half day.  Below is an overview of what we will be doing to finish off the school year.


Reminder: The work listed for ixL Math, Fluency and Reading log was assigned last Monday; all of it was to be done by this coming Friday.

 Religion: We end the school year by learning about the Eight Beatitudes. Students are finishing their 10 Commandment booklets, which will be due next Monday.

Math: Students are to finish their study links and the Math Boxes for Unit 7, and then they will be doing a Unit 7 test and an end-of-the-year assessment. They are to complete ixL skills Q 5, 7, and 9 by this Friday.

Reading Workshop: We will wrap up work on our historical fiction selections. All library books are to be returned by this Friday. The last reading log is due on Friday; students should continue reading 20-30 minutes each night this week.

Writer’s Workshop: This week we continue writing and editing our historical books; final drafts will be done by early next week.

Reading Fluency: We are doing fluency #35 this week; it is due on Friday.

Spelling: We are working on the words in Unit 34; the test will be on Friday. Tomorrow I will introduce the Unit 35 words, and we will have a test on those words next Tuesday.

Vocabulary: We continue studying the words for Unit 18. The test will be next Tuesday.

Grammar: We continue discussing adverbs this week. We will have a test on Unit 4 (adjectives and adverbs) next Monday.

Social Studies: We continue learning about the Gold Rush by reading issues 21 and 22.

Science: We continue learning about electricity; this week we will learn about changing electricity into motion.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer