Dear Second Grade Families,
SAINTS! SAINTS! SAINTS! Many wonderful saints surrounded us last Friday. Second graders looked great and their saint sharing was super. Thank you for helping your second grade student to do his/her best and have that saintly look!
A HOMEWORK PACKET will be introduced this week. It will go home on Monday and due the last school day of the week. (That’s Thursday for this week). There are detailed instructions on the packet, which will also include the reading log for each week. We will go over the directions in class.
FLAT PEOPLE UPDATE: We are receiving mail on a regular basis now. Ask your student about this. If your child has not received any mail yet, you might need to make a reminder phone call. Mail is the highlight of each day.
STUDENT OF THE WEEK for last week was John. This week we will celebrate Christian.
RELIGION: Jesus shows us how to love God our Father, (the first 3 commandments). We will also add the Lord’s Prayer to our morning prayers.
READING: We will begin Theme 3 (Around Town: Neighborhood and Community) with the story “Chinatown”
WRITING: Grammar; naming words, common and proper, November language arts activities.
SPELLING/PHONICS: Unit 11: words with “k” and “ck”
MATH: Continuing with place value and beginning with the concept of regrouping.
SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: Map and globe skills; Animal life cycles
Have a good week, Second Grade Teachers