Dear Kindergarten families,

What an exciting week we have!  Tuesday is a big day! First a special science lesson with a guest speaker on the importance of bees in our ecosystem. After recess our first art lesson with Miss Nancy!

Wednesday is a noon dismissal – EDC is available at 12:00 to 6:00.


Friday dismissal is at 2:45.

Note: thank you for your generous contributions for Free Dress day last week. We brought in over 80 dollars!


Religion lessons come from the Children’s Bible and our religion text. Chapter 3 teaches us about the important stories from the Bible. We start learning about Abraham. Parents / grandparents are always welcome to join us on Friday Mass at 8:30.

Language arts finds us working hard on letters/sounds, printing our name in correct case, and sentence punctuation. Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop are part of our daily routine. Words Their Way sorts with pictures of shapes and ways to organize. Names of shapes and objects help us with vocabulary as well as sound association.

Math this week has us sorting coins and learning value of coins. A review patterns. Counting by 1’s and 10’s and recognizing numbers in print on the 110 grid. Mystery number puzzles using a 50 grid.

Life science is where we are now, plants and animals!

Social studies looks at rules in our life, community and world.

Any questions? Just drop me an email!

Thank you for choosing Sacred Heart School-

Mrs. Brown