Dearest Third Grade Families,

It’s Catholic Schools Week! In honor of Wednesday’s Student Appreciation Day there will be free dress and a free hamburger lunch on this day for all. (Of course, students with specific dietary needs are always welcome to bring a lunch from home.) And since every day is student appreciation day around here, there will be no homework this week, too. Enjoy!

Our food drive continues and I would highly encourage all to contribute. Bags went home on Monday and once filled can be placed in the red bins that will be in the car line all week long.

Math: We will complete Unit 5 (very large and very small numbers) this week with a test on Friday. Please take time to review place values with your child. In this unit we went all the way from the millions down past the decimal to the hundredths place!

Reading: This week we will review several previously introduced strategies. Students are not required to read their usual 100 minutes. Instead read at your own leisure.

Word Work: This week’s words can be found in your child’s planner. Our spelling test is scheduled for this Friday.

Grammar: Students will continue to learn all about nouns, this week focusing on Nouns in the Subject: Lesson 11, as well as Singular and Plural Nouns: Lesson 12. Click here to go online to the Grammar Workshop website in order to access more practice and study opportunities.

Writing: Information Writing continues with more elaboration strategies for pumping up chapters (“sub-topics”). In addition to adding anecdotes and different punctuation, students will learn to add descriptions, labels, lists and vocabulary words. Later this week, we will learn to make connections within and across chapters with a focus on using transition words like also, another, because, then, which and in addition.

Science: We continue to learn all about the solar system! This week’s focus is on the tilt of Earth’s axis and it’s role in the seasons.

Religion: We will wrap up Chapter 12 this week after learning a bit more about our Miraculous Medals. As a reminder, don’t forget to turn in your Virtus permission forms. If you’d rather your child not participate, you can indicate so by not returning this as well.

Happy 100th Day of School (Wednesday)!

Ms. Espinosa