Dear Third Grade Families,

As our class eagerly looks forward to Halloween, we continue to work steadily and learn more with every day. This week, we have the following to look forward to:

Science: Mr. Doswell will be leading us in a review of Chapter 7. The focus will be on mixtures vs. compounds vs. elements. We will also compare physical changes and chemical changes. We will test on this chapter next Monday. Students are welcome to take home their science books and study should they choose so long as they bring their books back.

Math: We continue with elapsed time, now looking at the calendar as well as the clock. Students should already be able to tell time to the minute as well as know the months of the year in order. These are essential skills for problem solving.

Language Arts: The class continues Bunnicula. At the moment, we are on Chapter 4 focusing on reading comprehension. Students are welcome to take this text home and reread it for credit on their Reading Logs, too. In spelling, we are working on consonant clusters. And in vocabulary, we are reviewing the parts to a friendly letter.

Reading Log

Spelling Unit 9

Social Studies: In social studies, we will look at California’s resources. We will also continue to take a closer look at our state’s regions.

Religion: This week, we will wrap up our study of the Rosary with the Living Rosary on Wednesday at 2:00! Parents and families are welcome. Students may use rosaries from home should they choose.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Espinosa