Hello Third Grade Families!

As we continue to make out way through these hot days, I would encourage all to bring a water bottle (or two) each day to school.

Important Dates:

Our school will meet in the church Wednesday afternoon for the Living Rosary at 2:00. Students may bring a rosary from home or use one we have in class. All are welcome to join if your schedule permits.

Starting on Thursday, pre-sales will begin for Halloween tattoos. They are only $1 each and all funds collected will go directly to the Los Angeles Archdiocese Adopt-a-Family program.

Friday is a free dress day in celebration of the Dodgers playing in the World Series. Be sure to wear your Dodger colors to show that you are true blue!



This week’s math lessons will include a variety of explorations and activities designed to contextualize our work on measurement. First, we will work with straws and twist-ties to construct shapes before measuring and finding the perimeters. Then, we will engage in a pattern-block toss experiment. Next, we plan to work with non-standard units of measure to create a class average shoe length. And then finally, we will begin a series of explorations involving both perimeter and area of squares. What a week!

READING: This week we will take a break from our regular reading and fluency homework. Instead, find a cool spot to enjoy a good book at your leisure.

This week in class we move from making higher-level predictions to retelling stories. As you read, try and have your child retell the story to you. A solid retell will tell what happened (including the most important parts), in order with a clear how and why. Note: this skill is part of our guided reading assessments and is well worth regular practice.

Curricular Spotlight: WRITING
Our class continues to work on personal narratives, turning out attention now to story structure. We will learn that writers often plan stories with a predictable structure in mind: First there are hints of a problem; The trouble gets worse; Finally it is resolved. We will then move on to revising to make writing more interesting as well as longer. In the best stories, characters are brought to life. Writers can do that by making characters talk, move and think.

Have a great week!


Ms. Espinosa and Miss Poindexter