Dearest Third Grade Families,

Important Dates:

Tuesday afternoon the Trimester 1 Progress Reports will go home. Please take a moment to review these before signing and returning them.


Math: We continue this week with Chapter 2, now turning our focus to using the partial-sums algorithm as well as subtraction with the trade-first method. These were introduced in second grade; however, in case you need a refresher on how these methods work, below are links to a couple videos that may help explain:

Knowing the partial-sums algorithm will come in especially handy when we make it to multi-digit multiplication, which relies on the same series of steps.

For IXL homework this week, please complete the following Third Grade Skills…

P.3 Rounding Money Amounts

P.6 Estimate sums

READING: This week is dedicated to understanding what we read. The students will learn how to give themselves a comprehension check by periodically stopping and asking a few specific questions (Who is in this part? What just happened? Does this fit with something that already happened or is this new?). We will also do some work with timelining and other problem-solving strategies for when meaning breaks down. Finally, we will end the week with some work on envisioning and assembling facts by asking: What mind-work does this text want me to do?

Curricular Spotlight: Religion

In religion, we have held great discussions about how God has given us specific gifts and talents, and how it is our job to use those gifts and talents to show our love for God. Through class activities and art, we have recognized actions that show how we know, love, and serve Him. This week, we will perform a Readers Theatre, where we tell the story of ¬†Saints that have answered God’s call.

To wrap up our chapter 3, We Are God’s Holy People, we will be having a test this Thursday.


Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Espinosa and Miss Poindexter