Hello Third Grade Families,

Happy Halloween, All Saints Day & All Souls Day, too !!! This week marks the end of October and the beginning of November. The holidays are upon us; time is flying!

This week…

Math: The class will continue to explore measurement turning our focus now to area as we wrap up Unit 3. We will have a test next Thursday.

For IXL homework this week, please complete the following Third Grade Skills…

FF.3 Perimeter of polygons

FF.6 Find the area of figures made up of unit squares


This week we have a break from fluency homework and instead turn our focus on to our reading logs. In class, we learned all about using grit to tackle more complex texts. At home, I would encourage all to set specific reading goals (whether they be in number of minutes read, variety of texts or maybe even selecting more challenging texts) and work through them. Next week we will learn some strategies for figuring out harder words.

Curricular Spotlight: GRAMMAR

The class will spend some time this week closing out Chapter 1 of our grammar books. We will review each lesson in preparation for a text next week. If you would like to take some time to review, I would highly encourage you to check out the Grammar Workshop website. You can get there by clicking here. There are 8 lessons in the unit, all of which are devoted to basic sentence structures (subjects, predicates, run-ons, fragments).