Hello 3rd Grade Families!


I look forward chatting at Parent-Teacher Conferences this week. Please check your scheduled time. If you need to make any changes, contact the Office as soon as possible.

This week in class…

Math: We will finish the unit this week. The Unit 4 Test is currently scheduled for Thursday, December 14th.

IXL Math Skills Homework–

E.6 Write multiplication sentences for arrays

E.7 Make arrays to model multiplication

I.5 Relate multiplication and division for arrays

Reading: This week and next will be dedicated to an author study! The students will explore, compare & contrast the works of author and illustrator Jan Brett.

Progress Reports:

This week Trimester 1 Progress Reports will go home. Please note that the grades issued for this reporting period are reflective of your child’s progress toward year-end standards. Therefore, because we are only in the first trimester, many skills and concepts have not yet been formally introduced in class. You will see that these areas of the curriculum are marked with an X.

Those skills and concepts that have been introduced will be graded with a 1, 2, 3 or 4. A 4 indicates that the student consistently exceeds that grade level standard and can grasp, apply and extend that concept, process or skill above grade level expectations. A 3 indicates complete mastery of that specific standard and suggests that at this point, your child is meeting the year-end goal in this area. A 2 indicates that although your child is making steady progress, he or she has not yet met the year-end goal in a particular area. Keep in mind that many of these standards will be taught throughout the year, and so students are not expected to have mastered them before Trimester 3. Finally, a 1 indicates that your child is not meeting a specific standard and at this point may need some additional practice and/or support in that area in order to meet the standard by the end of the year.



Ms. Espinosa