Hello Third Grade Families,

Friday is all about parents! I look forward to meeting everyone in the Church for mass before heading over to the classroom. We will be making a miraculous medal as well as paper polyhedrons, and maybe even a little Word Work if we have time.

Math: We will begin Unit 6: Geometry with a review of lines, line segments and rays. We will also go over parallel and intersecting lines, angles and turns. Take some time this week to discuss the difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise turns with your child. Likewise, begin talking about the difference between whole, half and quarter turns. This will be a big part of Unit 6.

No IXL math homework this week. Instead, use this time to study up on your assigned elements for the School Fair.

Reading: This week we continue through the second bend in our character studies unit. We will continue to focus on character arcs, learning that “stories are shaped like a mountain: readers watch characters go up and down.”

There will be no official reading homework this week either. Instead, curl up with a good book and read at your own leisure.

Word Work: This week’s words can be found in your child’s planner. Our spelling test is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Grammar: We continue with Unit 3 now moving on from action verbs to linking verbs. Since these are less familiar to students and sometimes a bit more challenging to identify, I’d suggest getting some extra practice in by clicking here.

Writer’s Workshop: We’ve now organized and written a draft of the first chapter of our informational texts! This week we will be studying an author’s moves in mentor texts in search of elaboration strategies before writing on our next sub-topic.

Science: We continue with the life science strand, moving our focus from biomes to how living things change environments.

Religion: The class will continue Chapter 8. See you in the church bright and early Friday morning!

Have a great week!

Ms. Espinosa