Dear Parents,                      April 16, 2012

I hope that all of you had a very wonderful Easter vacation and a well-deserved rest!

We are starting theme 9 in our reading series – Special Friends.  Our reading strategy this week is “monitor/clarify”.  The comprehension skill that will help us with this strategy is noting details.  Using the text, pictures, and paying attention to the “extras” in a story will help us better understand what we read.  Our phonics focus this week, is sounds for y.  Y is usually a consonant, however, it sometimes acts as a vowel.  When y comes at the end of a short word, the y sounds like a long /i/ (try), while y at the end of a long word sounds like a long /e/ (funny).  Our grammar focus this week, is the proper usage of the words, is and are.  Our spelling words this week, are from unit 29 and all have a y that sounds like a long /i/.  The words are posted to  Don’t forget to play the games and take practice tests!

We will be wrapping up our chapter on math! We will begin our week with a review to get the students back into the money mindset, then continue on with using quarters to count, and our final quick check and test prep. In religion we will be spending our time focusing on what happens after the Passion. We will be working from our Religion book, Chapter 20 – Jesus is Risen! We continue with our study of matter in science but beginning to focus that changes in matter do occur. In social studies we continue our study of Our World Near and Far.

Speech Contest Poems must be submitted for approval by Wednesday. The students will have limited time to work on memorizing their lines in class, so therefore make sure you are practicing at home. Next Monday will begin the Speech Contest within our classroom. From all students, 5 will be selected to go on to the finals.

We finally have confirmation for our first field trip!! YAY! We will be going to the Farmers Market next to the Pacific View Mall on April 25th. This will be a wonderful way for us to review our science chapter on parts of a plant as well as begin a lesson on health. Stay tuned for more information, including cost and the permission slip.

Announcements for the week:

  • Please remind your student to bring their library book on Tuesday so that they may check out another one.
  • Water bottle sales continue on Tuesday and Thursday for $1.
  • Friday is a noon dismissal!

Miss. Manning