Dear Third Grade Families,

The students did an outstanding job on their individual solar system displays. Each and every model had such fantastic detail and creativity! I was glad to see so many families there to appreciate the students’ hard work.

Congratulations are in order for our class’s five finalists in the Palmisano Writing Contest. While each student in our class responded to the same prompt, these five were selected to compete with other Intermediate students for a scholarship worth a month’s tuition. Winners will be announced next Monday at a special assembly.

The year is moving along quickly as Friday is the last day of Trimester 2. During the week, we will be tying up as many loose ends as possible.

Below is a peek at our week:

Language Arts: This is a review week in spelling. All words are ones that have been seen before in Units 19-23. As is our routine on review weeks, we will not have any vocabulary words. We continue to move toward publishing in Writer’s Workshop by revising and editing our personal narratives. Finally, we will begin our unit on verbs. Also, I will be sending home directions for this year’s SHS Speech Contest! Look for these when they go home on Tuesday.

Math: We will be finishing up Chapter 11 (fractions and decimals) with a test on Thursday.

Science: We will wrap up our study of the solar system with a quick look at the constellations followed by a chapter test on Wednesday.

Social Studies: We will begin to look at our next unit of study, which will focus on the federal government and national symbols.

Religion: We will continue to focus on forgiveness and the sacrament of reconciliation.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Espinosa