Dear Parents,                     April 13, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a fantastic break!

This week in first grade, we are learning…

Language Arts Our reading strategy this week is “predicting/inferring”.  The comprehension skill that will help us with inferring is drawing conclusions.  Using the text, pictures, and our own prior knowledge will help us draw conclusions when we read a story.  Our phonics focus this week, are the word endings –ed, and –ing and we will practice using the proper tense in our sentences.  Our grammar focus this week is action words (verbs) with the –ing ending.

Spelling: Our spelling words this week, are from unit 34.  The words are posted to  Don’t forget to play the games and take practice tests!

Math: We are still working on our unit -Mental Arithmetic, Money, and Fractions! We will review fractions and counting with money. We will finish the week by taking our test.

Religion: We will be reading from our religion books this week: Jesus is Risen.

Science: In science we will be learning about summer weather and checking on a science lab from before break!

Social Studies: We will be jumping right back into Social Studies this week with continuing our lessons from Unit 4: In and Around the Land!

Homework for the Week:

  • Monday: Rainbow Write 2X and Math Worksheet
  • Tuesday: Spelling p. 233-234 and Math Worksheet
  • Wednesday: 7 Sentences and Math Worksheet
  • Thursday: Spelling p. 236
  • Friday: Read 2 Times

Reminders for the Week:

  • PE Uniforms on Tuesday and Thursday!
  • Please remind your child to bring their library book on Tuesday so that they may check out a new one.
  • Friday is a full day!

Upcoming Events:

  • Next Friday, April 24th is Schoolwide Centers! Please email me if you are able to volunteer your time!

Have a great week!

Ms. Manning