Hello Third Grade Families,

The Jog-a-Thon is almost here! We hope all are filling your donation envelopes for our school’s one and only fundraising event of the year. Spirit Signs, Kona Ice, ShoutOUTS, and Photo Booth tickets are available, too.

Math: We will begin to wrap up Unit 9 this week by working on 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication. We will practice applying both the partial-products algorithm and the lattice method to these problems. Finally, we will end the week with a short study of positive and negative numbers. Our Unit 9 test is tentatively scheduled for next Monday.

IXL Homework:

M.5 Multiplication/division facts up to 12: true or false

M.6 Multiplication/division sentences up to 12: true or false

H.11 Multiply 1-digit # by 3-digit #: word problems

Reading: Students will now begin to review key skills taught throughout the school year. The hope is that readers will no longer use them in isolation, but rather self-monitor and apply specific skills as needed.

Fluency: Click here for this week’s fluency homework.

Reading Log: Students should log in a minimum of 100 minutes of reading this week.

Grammar: The class will begin a study of sentences (Unit 1: Lesson 1) with the emphasis on applying grammar skills to our writing.

Word Work: Due to Friday’s festivities, our next test will be on Monday. Many students this week are also coming upon a “Spell Check.” These are cumulative tests designed to see if students have retained their understanding of previously skills taught. As a reminder, please take time to go back and review past sorts both as good practice and as preparation.

Science: The class will learn all about competition and what happens when the food in an ecosystem is eaten by other organisms.

Social Studies: This week we will learn all about the three levels of government: local, state and national.

Religion: We begin Chapter 18: Jesus Gives the Spirit to the Church.


Ms. Espinosa