Dear Third Grade Families,

We are really getting into the swing of things now, working to build stamina and momentum as we begin to establish our daily classroom routines. This week we will have our first homework assignment too, slowly building each week until we reach full speed.

For IXL math homework, please complete the following Third Grade skills:

A.11 Order Numbers

A.8 Number Sequences

A.4 Even and Odd Numbers I

Note: There is no need to turn anything in. Every week, I will simply go to and check to see that your child has completed this assignment. All three skills should be complete by Monday 8/24, thus giving the students a week to get it done.

In addition to IXL, we will begin Everyday Math – Unit 1. Our textbook series, Everyday Math, has an online component as well. Your child’s username and password can be found inside the planner. This information will allow your child to use The site provides an interactive reference book, activities for each lesson covered in class, games, practice and vocabulary terms. Although no work from the site is required (yet), I recommend taking advantage of this resource.

We will also begin using our Vocabulary Workshop books this week. Starting with #1, each Unit will be taught over the course of two weeks. Upcoming tests will be noted in your child’s planner with plenty of time to review and study at home; but know that there is a vocabulary quiz every other week. On a label affixed to the inside cover of your child’s planner, you will soon find your child’s username and password for online practice. I highly recommend taking advantage of this resource, as it is an excellent way to reinforce words learned in class.

Finally, the students will begin music and P.E. classes this week. From now on, please send your child to school wearing his/her P.E. uniform on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mark your calendars: I look forward to meeting you Wednesday evening at 6:30 for Back-to-School night!


Mrs. Espinosa